Ep. 5 - Nokturnal Mortum, Laster, Dutch Culture, Kamaedzitsa

May 30, 2017

Finally! A new podcast with Degtyarov and... no one else.

This episode is a bit different from the previous ones in that we have no co-host or guest.

Instead, Degtyarov offers a review of some of the new music that's come out in 2017 so far, including Kamaedzitsa, Nokturnal Mortum, Laster and Osuna y Leña.


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 13 - Great Satan

April 24, 2017

This short mixtape reminds us that black metal is in many ways incompatible with the spirit of modernity. While some black metal evades modernity altogether, there are bands out there that charge it heads-on. 'Great Satan' is dedicated to the latter variant, and offers insensitive and repulsive, but also superior and sardonic black metal.


Intro - Hey hello Great Satan* [0:00]
1. Peste Noire - Gisant dans le putréfaction [5:03]
2. Hate Forest - Scythia [8:16]
3. Akitsa - Origine mythique [15:00]
4. Totenburg - Feuer, Krieg, totale Vernichtung [19:33]
Weimar Black Metal interlude brought to you by McDonald's™ and Deafheaven© [27:45]
5. Volkh - Вековая зима [28:47]
6. Moloth - Молот белого волка [34:35]
Outro - Smokeless fire [40:43]

Total time: 42 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

*Intro based on Dernière Volonté's "Exhibition" and Hate Forest's "Black God", with various iconic audio samples of terminal capitalism


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 12 - Men of the Planet (The Best of Kamaedzitsa)

March 31, 2017

This is sort of a "bonus" edition of the Black Ivory Mixtape, as it is dedicated to one band: Kamaedzitsa from Belarus. With a new album on the horizon, it is time to look back at the career highlights of my favourite band. With the first song featured on this mixtape dating back to 2004 and the last one to 2017, this collection covers 13 years of music.

Across no fewer than 20 tracks and 94 minutes, we hear why Kamaedzitsa might be the most sonically diverse metal band in the European underground. From folk metal to rock to powerballads to black metal to hardcore and even electronic music, Kamaedzitsa never ceases to surprise.


1. Песнь о Доброславе / Dobroslav's song (0:00)
2. Безмолвные слова твои / Voiceless are your words (5:27)
3. Straight edge Belarus (11:09)
4. По программе Дедушки Мороза / Father Frost Mode promo track (14:40)
5. Калi змагу ўбачыць новы свiтанак / When I can see a new dawn (18:30)
6. Акіян адзiноты / Ocean of loneliness (21:37)
7. Колазварот / Sunwheel (28:49)
8. Честь и кровь / Honour and blood* (34:06)
9. Салютам язычнiцкай крывi / A salute to heathen blood** (36:34)
10. Мой продак - мядзвездь / My ancestor - the bear (42:18)
11. Раджаць сабою перамогi волю / To bear by yourself the will to overcome (48:12)
12. Традиция Севера / The North tradition (51:48)
13. Заметался пожар голубой… / Azure space is aflame up above (58:45)
14. Дух воина / The warrior spirit (63:45)
15. xМІНСКx / xMINSKx (67:40)
16. Молодёжь Вотана / WotanJugend (70:07)
17. Застылi думкi над берагам хуткай ракi / Above a fast river, moveless are the thoughts (79:14)
18. f.o.l.k.ELECTRo (83:50)
19. Уставшее одиночество / The tiring loneliness (87:08)
20. Дакранiся да кветкi свайго сумлення / Touch the flower of your conscience (92:11)

Total time: 94 minutes

*Tribute to Kolovrat
**Tribute to Molat

Mixed by Degtyarov


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 11 - Intergalactic Freeway

March 20, 2017

The latest Black Ivory Mixtape is another non-metal collection, focusing instead on rock, post-rock, and ambient. Recommended for lonely roadtrips through the countryside.


1. Ulver - Porn piece of the scars of cold kisses [abridged] (0:00)
2. when whales collide - We're lost here (4:07)
3. Amesoeurs - Video girl (10:22)
4. *Ancients - Arcturus (15:06)
5. Zhaoze - The world is a blue stone (18:43)
6. Old Silver Key - Nineteen winters far away from home (31:17)
7. Course of Nature - 1000 times (34:57)
8. Kamaedzitsa - Azure space is aflame up above... (39:38)
9. Woods of Ypres - The allure of the earth (44:45)
10. Panopticon - The wind's farewell (50:59)
11. *Ancients - Icarus (57:35)

Total time: 67 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 10 - Triumphant Return

January 26, 2017

Black Ivory Tower's first mixtape of 2017 offers a supreme balance of metal and folk that invokes the epic, the mysterious and the grand. Concentrated blasts of energy are interspersed with space for reflection and contemplations. Best enjoyed during long walks and trips.


Intro (Hymn to Zeus) (0:00)
1. Kawir - Prometheus (5:24)
2. Isa - Поющий горизонт (12:07)
3. Nokturnal Mortum - Lira (23:20)
4. Velimor - Noregsgard (Storm cover) (28:23)
5. Sühnopfer - Aux aurores (35:50)
6. Drudkh - Вогняний змій (38:26)
7. Jassa - Breath of the most ancient God (47:20)
8. Eoront - Солнце духа (54:50)

Total time: 78:48

Mixed by Degtyarov

May contain some unlisted surprises.


Black Ivory Mixtape - Asgardsrei V Edition

December 14, 2016

This is a special mixtape in anticipation of Asgardsrei V festival, which will take place in Kiev, Ukraine on the 18th of December. Many of the bands playing and present have been covered by Black Ivory Tower over the years, so we wish to celebrate this coming together of legendary metal artists with a mixtape featuring selected songs by Peste Noire, Moloth, Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda and Wehrwolf.


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 8 - …To Vladivostok

November 17, 2016

"...To Vladivostok" is a musical journey from Eastern Europe to the Russian Far East.

We start in Lithuania and Belarus (historically united in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania) before moving on to the European territories of Russia, while also making a brief stop in Ukraine. In Russia, we go from the Arctic cities of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk down to Moscow and into the Siberian heartlands surrounding Krasnoyarsk. Our final stop is beyond the borders of Mongolia, in the Russian Far East. An epilogue captures the spirit shared by many of the visited territories, and recalls a brief memory of what once was, way back in the West of Europe.

This mixtape includes both traditional and modern interpretations of folk music; a capella songs as well as instrumentals, connecting music that is both wildly varied and spiritually alike.

Visit our showpost on the website for more information.


1. Nubiferous - Source of lunar waters (0:00)
2. Stary Olsa - Ладдзя (1:45)
3. Spanxti - Už kalnelio ežerėlis (2:51)
4. Kamaedzitsa - Пяруне (7:48)
5. Stary Olsa - Ружа (8:37)
6. Ugniavijas - Žvingia Žvingia (11:49)
7. Stary Olsa - Песнь а Будзіне (15:27)
8. Drudkh - Журавлі ніколи не повернуться сюди (20:14)
9. Moon Far Away - Цветики (23:36)
10. Lyudi na Kholme - Нойд (27:39)
11. Krynitza - Черный ворон (31:38)
12. Knyazhaya Pustyn - Ковыль-Трава (35:20)
13. Lesnoy Tanets - Думы валунов (37:01)
14. Volkolak - Один против Тумена (40:42)
15. Volkolak - От брата до ворога (43:22)
16. Hate Forest - Поминальна [field recording] (47:59)
17. Moon Far Away - Мама Русь (49:55)
18. Knyazhaya Pustyn - Han som reiste (57:26)

Total time: 58 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov


Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 7 - From Dublin…

November 12, 2016

From Dublin... offers a collection of songs from Ireland, England and Scotland, as interpreted by Irish, British and American artists across several generations.

The idea for this new mixtape was inspired by All and one, together, for home, a double CD of collected folk songs by metal artists. Particularly Winterfylleth's contribution was impressive, hence two of their songs being featured on this mixtape.

In addition to classic Irish artists such as The Dubliners and Luke Kelly, this mixtape also features a few songs from the more obscure discography of Tomás Ó Canainn.


1. Tomás Ó Canainn - Francey (0:00)
2. Luke Kelly - The night visiting song (1:11)
3. The Dubliners - Weila Woila (4:35)
4. Winterfylleth - John Barleycorn (8:18)
5. Tomás Ó Canainn - The groves of Glanmire (15:34)
6. Halfpence and Haypenny - Ferryman's daughter- Rug Mhuire Mac do Dhia (18:19)
7. Luke Kelly - Foggy dew (1966 version) (22:47)
8. Liam Weldon - Dark horse on the wind (26:15)
9. Winterfylleth - The three ravens (33:11)
10. Tomás Ó Canainn - Deirdre's lament (35:04)
11. The Ronnie Drew Group - McAlpine's fusiliers (1963 version) (40:09)

Total time: 42:29

Mixed by Degtyarov


Ep. 4 - Death in Rome, Roadburn, Album art clichés, Bagpipesplaining

November 3, 2016

Tenebrous Kate joins Degtyarov to talk about Roadburn 2017, Neige et Noirceur, Zeal and Ardor, and Death in Rome.

Our discussion of this week is about album cover clichés. From misty forests to lesbian vampires, we cover it all!

Visit our showpost on the Black Ivory Tower website for links and info.

Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 6 - Roadside Picnic

October 27, 2016

We are proud to present Roadside Picnic, our latest mixtape, and the most polished one to date.

This mixtape is a continuation of the themes on 
Eastern Mysteries, our 3rd mixtape. It features some of the same artists, but put together even more fluidly. The intent of Roadside Picnic is to offer you the same wholesome experience as a full-length album.

Be sure to visit 
our showpost for sources and translations of the samples and other additional info.


1. Alexey Omelchuk - Jupiter theme (night) [Degtyarov edit] (0:00)
2. Sivyj Yar - Только бездна внемлет нам теперь (5:12)
3. Jar - Jatvieź (12:48)
4. Piarevaracien - Untitled II (18:41) 
5. Isa - Тайна при жизни (24:43)
6. Knyazhaya Pustyn - Морозное седое утро (29:46)
7. Knyazhaya Pustyn - Сердце леса (33:16)
8. Na Sever - Моя любовь - смерть (39:46)
9. Zgard - Через ліс (43:30)
10. MoozE - Monolith mystery (51:26)

Total time: 53:32

Mixed by Degtyarov