Black Ivory Mixtape vol. 13 - Great Satan

April 24, 2017

This short mixtape reminds us that black metal is in many ways incompatible with the spirit of modernity. While some black metal evades modernity altogether, there are bands out there that charge it heads-on. 'Great Satan' is dedicated to the latter variant, and offers insensitive and repulsive, but also superior and sardonic black metal.


Intro - Hey hello Great Satan* [0:00]
1. Peste Noire - Gisant dans le putréfaction [5:03]
2. Hate Forest - Scythia [8:16]
3. Akitsa - Origine mythique [15:00]
4. Totenburg - Feuer, Krieg, totale Vernichtung [19:33]
Weimar Black Metal interlude brought to you by McDonald's™ and Deafheaven© [27:45]
5. Volkh - Вековая зима [28:47]
6. Moloth - Молот белого волка [34:35]
Outro - Smokeless fire [40:43]

Total time: 42 minutes

Mixed by Degtyarov

*Intro based on Dernière Volonté's "Exhibition" and Hate Forest's "Black God", with various iconic audio samples of terminal capitalism


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